Friday, September 6, 2019

Major Upheaval Of LWSD General Leadership Team

In looking at Superintendent Dr Jane Stevam's new Organizational Chart major changes have been made to the structure, titles and names of the General Leadership Team.  Progress!

The General Leadership members are described here.  Find many new faces.

Some of the notable changes are:

Matt Gillingham, Student Services has been promoted to Associate Superintendent of Student and Community Services.  A new position he oversees is Gloria Henderson, Director of  Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion.

The four Learning Community Directors have been broken into two Elementary Education Directors and two Secondary School Directors - no change in personnel.  Susan Ann Sullivan is a Director of Elementary Education.  Previously, her title was Director of Redmond Learning Community.

Director Dr. Traci Pierce -- past Superintendent -- has been removed from the chart.

Mike Van Orden's title has changed to Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning and he has assumed greater responsibility.  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Matt M. isn't on the chart.

Source:  School Board packet and district website


Bob Yoder said...

There were some personal attacks on select LWSD personnel which I didn't publish. They targeted the special education workers.

Anonymous said...

Traci Pierce has moved on to the Kennewick School District. She will be their superintendent as soon as the current superintendent retires.