Wednesday, January 9, 2019

UPDATED: Redmond's ERRATIC art installation will be re-located

Below are two pictures of Redmond's Centennial "ERRATIC" art installation.  It was constructed with railroad plates to recognize Redmond's status as a railroad town.  It's called ERRATIC to recognize that glaciers shaped Redmond.  Erratics are huge boulders left behind by glaciers.  

At the January 8th Council meeting Staff announced owing to light rail the ERRATIC will be moved from it's present location on 166th near Redmond Town Center to "Gilman Landing" south of the Matador near Leary Way.  Sound Transit will pay $576,000 for its re-location.  The City will move it....a laborious job. The original cost to the City for the art was $115,000.  

Bob Yoder

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Anonymous said...

Ok Bob, I'll say it...what a waste of taxpayer $$