Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Council considers new street grid on Redmond Way

Looking north from Redmond Center parking lot -
future 158th Ave. NE extension here. Soulfood is on left
The City of Redmond and the owners (Nelsons) of Redmond Center wish to enter into a Development Agreement for improvements to the extension of 158th Avenue NE from NE 83rd Street to the intersection of Redmond Way, and to clarify the obligations and requirements for utility services for future developments of the multiple parcels at Redmond Center.

In August 2013, City Council adopted the 2013 Transportation Master Plan and directed the Administration to pursue the completion of the downtown street grid.  One of these streets is 158th Avenue NE, which currently terminates at the existing parking lot of the Redmond Center shopping center near Ben Franklin. 

As of 2018, the acquisition and improvement of the 158th Avenue NE extension is an unfunded project in the Redmond Transportation Master Plan. The property owners (Nelsons) of Redmond Center have agreed to dedicate the future extension of 158th Avenue NE at no cost to the City. This Development Agreement does not waive the Redmond Center Owner’s obligations to comply with City regulations or development standards that are applicable today or for future redevelopment of Redmond Center.

Source:  Council Committee memo, 1/8/19

The new southern extension of 158th Avenue would tunnel under the Redmond Central Connector to Redmond Way.  The new grid would allow residents living in the massive "Bear Creek" apartment complex, Heron complex and other nearby apartment complexes much better access to Redmond Center services e.g QFC, Staples, etc. Some speculate the entire shopping center will one day be redeveloped.  Opinion Bob Yoder  

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