Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tour de Redmond is underway

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"Tour de Redmond" Commute Challenge is a yearly, 2-month long program run by a non-profit, GRMTA, every June and July. It's intended to encourage using bicycles as an alternative to commuting to work via a single occupancy vehicle.  PIM Bicycles is one of their sponsors.  They kindly gave me an e-bike to try for a few months.  Their bikes are sturdy and affordable....starting at $1,495.  

I took two e-bike "commutes." -- one from Education Hill to Kirkland and the other from Education Hill to Bothell.  My Kirkland ride is reported here.   
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The Bothell ride carrying a 25-pound pack was a breeze.  The State speed limit for e-bikes is 25 MPH.  It was all I could do to hold my speed to 28 MPH.  One road bicyclist passed me going over 30 MPH.  Another warned, yelling "speed."  

E-bikes are really taking off in Redmond.  Trek on Redmond Way sells both road and e-bikes.  Pedego on 106th NE has quality bikes. Seattle Electric Bike in Bothell has a wide variety of e-bikes.  The owner of Redmond Cycle at his "Go Redmond" booth said he will be riding one.  

E-bikes are so easy to operate, versatile and fast that congested downtown developments like Seritage and Limited Edition will probably one day need them for their commuters. 

B. Yoder    

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