Friday, June 15, 2018

Bikes as advertisements?

OPINION:  This red bike adjacent to Banner Bank has been advertising "Three Lions Pub" for over 10 days now.  When driving on 164th it's easy to get distracted by the "sign" at this busy intersection, posing a hazard.  In addition, the advertisement takes up bike docking space. I reported this to the city's Code Enforcement Officer since there's an ordinance governing the placement of signs.  It's interesting this novel advertisement was placed right next to Banner Bank where the past President of One Redmond works.  A Lime bike share was placed in the same location for over a week about a month ago. In my opinion, especially with the redevelopment of Sears, the Mayor should hire a third Code Enforcement officer to enforce an amended sign and the pending bike share ordinance.

B. Yoder  


Paige Norman said...

I think the City should review their advertisement ordinance. It's punitive to not allow stores to advertise -- especially in our growing city. For instance, Big5, CostPlus and 24HourFitness are NOT ALLOWED to post signs on the sidewalk at Bear Creek Parkway to advertise their businesses. However, Bartell Drugs has a lit sign at the Parkway that's apparently allowed.

To some it might be "litter" but to businesses it's likely the difference between profit and folding.

And, perhaps the City ought to be more accepting of other ways to advertise in a city climate that really isn't very small business friendly.

Bob Yoder said...

For the most part, I think the city allows one sandwich advertising board per business. There's a chiropractor who puts up 3 in a row on a regular basis. Visual clutter and "liter."
The number of sandwich boards in the 132nd / Old Redmond Road mall are outrageous. The sign pollution here is bad I wouldn't go into one of those shops.....except for Down Pour coffee bar....they don't advertise with the boards...they don't have to. I found a fancy metal advertisement sign of a coffee shop right on the Sammamish River Trail. It was dangerous too. There has to be a limit somewhere. They need to get them off the sidewalks too. Bikers use them when there's no lane.