Sunday, May 6, 2018

UPDATED: Mustang Lacrosse Club Senior Night

Mustang Boys Lacrosse Club on Senior Night
Lacrosse  is probably the fastest growing sport in Redmond.  Rob Leavitt led the Mustang Boys Lacrosse Club program to what it is today. The program now teaches and coaches youth K - 12.  Coach Rob Edison is the High School Coach and Program Director though the team isn't officially a LWSD Varsity sport.  They are working on it.  Kate Roper is the current President. According to their website, 9 parents coach high school and 15 coach the entire program so there's a groundswell of family support.   

Having played the game for 16 years I was dying to watch the high school boys play.  Last night was Senior Night!  While walking to Redmond high with my wife we saw a rainbow!  Watching the game, many fond memories were sparked from when I started playing 49 years.years ago.  Back then we had no high school program.  I enjoyed sharing my memories and knowledge of the game with my wife and was happy to see the game has lost its "preppy" image.  The game was very exciting to watch.  The team was very positive and no matter the circumstance and it was obvious "having fun" was an underlying principle of the Mustang game.  

Out of 34 players on the team, four were Seniors.  

Jeremy Anderson - Prior to lacrosse he played elite hockey and baseball.  He plans on attending Chapman University in the fall where will major in Data Analytics and Business.

Lucas Castro (Capt.) - Only played three years on the team and is a team Captain.  After graduation Lucas plans on working construction and attending Central Washington University.  

Max Emigh - This is Max's first season playing for the Mustangs. In the off-season he surfs and 
snowboards.  He will be attending Colorado mountain college where he plans to pursue his passion for Ski and Snowboarding.  

Jack Motzkin (Capt.) - Jack's played Mustang lacrosse for three years. He also plays Mustang football and is completing his Eagle scout.  He plans on attending University of Arizona to study Architecture.  

Lacrosse is so much fun and it's rewarding to see the players honoring the game.  Go 'Stangs!

B. Yoder

The Vision of the Redmond Lacrosse Club is to be recognized as a competitive program for players K-12 that emphasizes proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and good character.

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