Friday, March 2, 2018

Close encounter with Steve Fields at "down pour coffee bar"

Steve Fields pouring coffee at his coffee bar
 I stopped by Steve and Ronnie's"down pour coffee bar" this morning for a visit.  I had planned to ask him a few questions about the city but the place was buzzing and we had to reschedule

Scarce parking didn't deter these Down Pour
lovers (click pic to enlarge)
Steve's one of two new Redmond city council members and in my opinion does a fantastic job in many ways.

The following are a few questions I wanted to ask him:. 

1)  I thought the new Downtown Park was going to cost $40M but the project sign says $19M.  Facebook readers felt the city was not being up front.  What's up?

2) The 14-acre Estera / Sears project is probably the largest project the City will EVER build....but only 14 citizens showed up at the last community meeting.  Ridiculous!  Steve once suggested an extensive session.  Yes, we need one!  Also, according to the Redmond Reporter only 7% of the planned 2,000 apartments will be "affordable."  City standards are 10% affordable so what's up??  What's the mayor doing?

3)  I had a few questions about how council conducts their council committee meetings as they relate to the Open Public Meetings Act.  In this week's study session Jim Haney, JD explained how council's  "Rules and Procedures" pertain to these meetings. Whatever the outcome, I hope when there is quorum all members present will have an opportunity to talk.

On to Down Pour.  This morning the place was literally buzzing with chatter; few were on their devices.  How refreshing and pleasant to have genuine conversations.  Steve and Ronnie (his spouse) offer "no password" WiFi.  Is this the reason? (I'm not a marketing guy.) Anyway, if you're looking for a vibrant, fun coffee shop, this is the place.

-- B. Yoder


JohnMichael_H said...

where is the down pour coffee bar? sounds like it is worth a visit.

Bob Yoder said...

Dour Pour is on the corner of Bell-Red Road and 132nd AVE. You should go