Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Updated: Sears store in Overlake urban center proposed for major redevelopment

By Tom Hinman, Facilitator
Imagine Overlake

For those of you who wondered what was to become of the Sears site in Overlake, here's the answer.  The development company Seritage has proposed a project that covers a 14 acre parcel that includes a park (over the new storm water vault) in a master planned mixed use development. View the project design HERE.  It's amazing.  The project, known as Heritage Place, has been approved by the Design Review Board per information linked below and will be the subject of an initial Redmond City Council study session on January 23rd.  There will be another study session on March and a public hearing on this development a bit later on.

To enable this development, an addendum is needed to the 2007 Overlake Neighborhood Plan Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS).

Public comment is more useful sooner than later in any development approval process.  Since oral comments from the public are not normally taken at study sessions in Redmond, interested parties can make their views known in written comments to the City Council (mayorcouncil@redmond.gov) with copy to the staff planner, David Lee (dlee@redmond.gov).  Alternatively, oral comments can be presented at a regular City Council meeting under Items from the Audience in advance of the Public Hearing -- the first opportunity being next Tuesday, January 16th.  

For a project of this scale, the community at large may have issues that could be addressed most impactfully and cost-effectively early in the approval process, hence this email.

Tom Hinman, Facilitator
Imagine Overlake

Tom Hinman, is a past planning commissioner.. He watch-dogged tree replacement after the Group Health clear cut. He's responsible for a city requirement to  "tree map"  all land use aps. He organized non profits to relocate Group Health shrubs and native plants to the Marymoor Audubon Bird loop....before this GH vegetation was trashed. Tom developed Imagine Overlake several years ago to organize citizen participation and stimulate input in the development of Overlake. Thus, this letter. Tom  co-founded Sustainable Redmond. His annual meetings are attended by council members, environmentalists and citizens at large.

August 3, 2017 Master Plan Presentation:

Design Review Board Deliberations:

Pre Application memo and developer presentation/powerpoints, See 10/19 agenda for minutes, tone of the DRB

See memo/materials supporting Approval of conceptual design at DRB  See 12/3 agenda for minutes of this meeting

To review all documents related to this project visit: http://www.redmond.gov/LandUse and scroll to the project name listed alphabetically.

Project name:  Heritage Place


Anonymous said...

This flashy neighborhood was designed without any acknowledgement that there are already developed neighborhoods on all sides that depend on both Safeway and Fred Meyer for groceries. The main entrance and exit to SR520 is on 148th Ave NE and cars getting on and off the highway have caused significant traffic for more than 35 years. Existing traffic is already a nightmare during certain times of the day.
I think this will help Redmond compete with South Lake Union for the Worst Traffic Award.

Anonymous said...

Having briefly read through the proposal - I do not see anything regarding parking.
Traffic is a significant problem in this area already. what are the requirements for parking in/for this development?

Bob Yoder said...


The city is forming a Task Force on Parking. To sign up, e-mail info@redmond.gov