Tuesday, October 10, 2017

UPDATED: Ramiro Valderrama brings growth and traffic into perspective

City of Sammamish councilmember Ramiro Valderramo is interviewed and touches on concerns with the growth management act, pace of growth, impact fees, 3 new high schools within a mile of each other, lose of tree canopy....

Our Redmond council candidates, electeds and voters need to listen to Ramiro's interview..  He is a wise man with a good sense of humor; they could learn a lot from him.  Though Duvall may have wiggle room it's almost too late for Redmond to adjust to our growth cycle. This is a must listen for Redmond City Council and Mayor Marchione. I'm sure the council candidates are listening.

B. Yoder

"King County Assessor Wilson says tonight at a [Sammamish] city council meeting we should expect average Home in Sammamish will pay $1,400 more for McCleary Tax alone -add ST3 property tax, car tabs and sales tax and he says “we are precariously close to pricing people out of homes” and encouraging having a CA proposition 13."

-- Quote from Ramiro Valderrama, City of Sammamish councilmember.

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John Hawkins said...

Every household adds on average 1.6 people going to work five days a week. So 100 homes means 160 more people who need to get to work every day. If we don't add employment opportunities for those people in the Duvall area, then they're commuting to Redmond, Kirkland, etc over roads that are already congested. But if those folks have a place to work in Duvall, they don't add to the traffic congestion. The key to growth without additional congestion is balanced growth.

- Duval resident