Thursday, October 19, 2017

UPDATED: Extensive, disruptive King County Sewer Project Planned For Redmond


King County is upgrading nearly 4.5 miles of sewer pipe in Redmond to meet the needs of your growing community. Construction is expected to begin in 2020. While the sewer pipe is under construction, King County will also install 1.5 miles of pipe to carry recycled water. When complete, the new pipes will provide reliable sewer service and an important connection for the potential future use of recycled water in the area.

Segment 1: New sewer and recycled water pipes will be installed along the Sammamish River Trail. There will be temporary trail closures during construction. We are committed to safe detour routes for all trail users.
Segment 2: The existing sewer line runs under the Sammamish River north of Leary Way. We will replace this line with a larger pipe. A recycled water pipe will also be added in the same location under the river. To reduce our impact to fish and wildlife, we are considering underground construction methods that won't require us to dig a trench across the river.
Segment 3: A new sewer line will installed north of NE 50th Way. South of NE 50th Way, a second pipe will be added along the existing pipe to hold more flows. The new recycled water line will stop just north of the West Lake Sammamish Parkway Marymoor Park entrance.
We recognize that Marymoor Park is widely used for recreation and events, particularly during the summer. We will maintain park access and try to work around major events, when possible.
Segment 4: Two pipes that currently run under West Lake Sammamish Parkway will be replaced. A third pipe will be added to hold additional flows. Delays and detour routes are expected. We are working closely with the City of Redmond to understand traffic patterns and identify ways to minimize disruptions.
Segment 5: The existing sewer in the Idylwood neighborhood will be replaced. While the sewer route follows roadways as much as possible, it does run along some private property, including Audubon Elementary.
To the extent possible, we will conduct work adjacent the school during the summer months, outside of the normal school year. 

In my opinion, the city will benefit with Steve Fields on Council during  this 3-year project.  Steve's work experience and connections with the county could be useful towards completing this  project on time and  with fewer mistakes.  Dr. Jeralee Anderson with her civil engineering road sustainability expertise will also be a big asset on council. - B. Yoder

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