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Entrance to the Abby Road and Emerald Heights neighborhoods (click to enlarge)

A compilation of candidate blog reports, stories and opinions is posted at this link.  I hope you find some of this information helpful.

 I support Steve Fields for City Council Position #2.  Mr. Fields is endorsed by - the Eastside Business Alliance, "Friends of Osama Hamdan," King County Democrats (unanimous,) Washington Bikes, former Mayor Rosemarie Ives, among others.  

I endorse Kathy Lambert for County Council, Cassandra Sage for LWSD Director District #3 and Vandana Slatter for the 48th LD. -- B. Yoder

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Jason Antonelli said...

**Redmond City Council Position 6 - Jeralee Anderson vs. Jason Antonelli**

My take is the choice for this seat is between a smart, creative, progressive candidate who surely will bring a fresh perspective to the Council (Anderson) - vs a more unconventional, critical candidate that is willing to do his research and mix things up to hold the City accountable on a variety of issues that residents are concerned about (me).

For example, I was very impressed when talking to Ms. Anderson and hearing some of her ideas about adding additional STEM outreach classes in the programming offered by the City – ideas and views that I think she would uniquely qualified to bring to the Council and that no other candidate has even come close to discussing.

I believe either of us would be a substantial improvement over outgoing Councilmember John Stilin – who I believe had a significant number of shortcomings that led me to want to spend the time, money and effort to run a campaign notwithstanding a demanding job and two young children.

My vote went to Jason Antonelli (I am supposed to vote for myself – right?) – but had I not been running – I would have no problem giving my support to Jeralee Anderson. I would not be able to say the same about the other potential choices for this seat.

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Jason Antonelli said...

**Redmond City Council Position 4 - Tanika Padhye vs Eugene Zakhareyev**

I first met Zakhareyev at an Education Hill Neighborhood Association meeting when a developer was trying to convince the neighborhood that a rezone to allow higher density multi-family housing along Avondale was a good thing. In this meeting – I was beyond impressed with the command that Zakhareyev had on the issues at play around the City’s Comprehensive Plan, zoning regulations and Growth Management Act – and how these things were being used to justify non-friendly policies by the current Marchione administration unlike in previous administrations.

Since then – I have continued to be impressed with Zakhareyev’s campaign. While his campaign is understated – Zakhareyev has taken the high road in both communicating his positions and engaging with the citizens on topics that are facing the City of Redmond – exactly what I would want in a Councilmember. In addition – I trust Zakhareyev when he says he wants to balance growth with the level of service offered to the existing residents and ensure neighbors have a more meaningful voice in decisions and direction taken by the City.

I think Padhye on the other hand – will not shake things up where things need shaken-up.
In fact – what should be a strength of hers – the near unanimous appointment to the Council when previous Councilmember Allen resigned her seat – is a shortcoming in my mind. Having watched the interview process for almost all the candidates – it was clear to me that the decision process used by most of the Councilmembers prioritized like-minded thinking and ability to reach unanimous decisions that would ultimately lead to voting in sync with the current majority.

My vote went to Eugene Zakhareyev.

Council Candidate Jason Antonelli said...

**Redmond City Council Position 2 - Steve Fields vs Byron Shutz**

Fields has two important qualities that I think would make him a great Councilmember. First – he shows a propensity to proactively engage, listen and connect with the City’s residents across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Second – he develops a distinct point of view based on that engagement that he can articulate well and isn’t afraid to push forward.

Having gotten to know Fields a bit this election – I have seen these qualities first-hand. For example, Fields organized a candidate tour of various neighborhood parties for Redmond’s National Night Out and invited all the candidates including a challenger competing for his same position to attend. Similarly, he organized meetings with the City Planning Department – again with all candidates – during which time I saw him represent specific concerns on a variety of topics that he learned about through his citizen engagement.

Meanwhile – having watched Shutz over the years in countless Council meetings and Study Sessions – and more recently sharing the stage with him during two of the three Candidate Forums held during this election – I cannot recall a single unique point of view or thought that he presented that gave me pause to think or reconsider a view I might have. Not so with Fields – or for that matter – any of the other candidates in the general election – each of who have had me reevaluate my thinking on a variety of different topics.

While I am impressed with Shutz history of involvement as most of his supporters point to – I do not believe involvement itself is what makes an effective Councilmember.

My vote went to Steve Fields.

-- Jason Antonelli

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Bob Yoder said...

My Letter to the Editor of the Redmond Reporter

The race between Byron Shutz and Steve Fields for Redmond City Council Position 2 is a study of contrasts. Do you want:

Four years of city budget participtation (Shutz) OR 20 years of corporate and Seattle andKing County budget experience? (Fields)

Back-door “Group think” meetings with omnipresent 7-0 decisions (Shutz) OR an inclusive, innovative problem-solving approach with fearless leadership? (Fields)

Community volunteerism with the Kiwanis Club (Shutz) OR a City of Redmond "Community Emergency Response Team" neighborhood CERT volunteer and King County emergency preparedness expert (Fields).

A developer-focused “OneRedmond” board member (Shutz) OR business owner and small business advocate? (Fields).

The choice is yours. Please vote for Steve Fields on Nov. 7!