Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UPDATED, 8/16 Speak up on how school district tax dollars are spent -- Budget Hearing August 14th

Image result for school district budget imageLake Washington School District is the now 3rd largest district in the State and has a $625,000,000 budget!  That's a lot of tax dollars.  Some of you may have a burning desire to learn and speak your mind on how and where our money is spent...and learn more. Now's your chance:

Superintendent Dr. Pierce has scheduled a very important Monday, August 14th Board meeting and Public Hearing to help walk us through the budget and give you a chance to comment for or against any part of the budget. I'm personally concerned about the number of administrative FTE's in the Resource Center and the poor public notice of this budget.

The meetings start at 7 pm in the School District Resource Center (16250 NE 74th Street) located in Redmond Town Center..


The District's user-friendly, readable, re-assuring summary budget was released after 10AM last Friday, 8/11...It's a shame we didn't t have more time to study it in preparation for the 8/14 Hearing

If you can't make the Hearing, you may comment by e-mail to

A video of the Finance Director presenting the budget during the June 26th Board meeting  HERE. 

A short summary of the budget draft and learn why it's unique this year  HERE. (under review.)

***Before the Hearing, Traci and the Board will meet at 5:00 in the Hugh's Room next to district chambers, first floor to discuss the budget.  You're not aloud to speak but it's a pleasant way to see the Board in action.

To comment about the Budget e-mail any of the of the Board:

E-mail addresses:
All members of the board:
Chris Carlson, President,
Siri Bliesner, Vice President
Nancy Bernard,
Eric Laliberte,
Mark Stuart, is currently bouncing..

Washington State governs budget noticing and delivery. 

Bob Yoder

CC:  Dr. Pierce. / Board members / Barbara Postumous, Chief Financial Officer

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