Monday, June 5, 2017

Phase 2 construction of the Redmond Central Connector advances

Looking north from 95th Street towards Overlake Christian Church
Busy Willows Road is on the left.  Commercial on the right. (click pic to enlarge)
Several amenities are only minutes from the trail by bike at this 95th Street location.  Black Raven Brewery, Hi-Fi Brewery, Eastside Gym, Willows Deli  Good stopping place!

This Redmond Central Connector is the artery of the City that links Sammamish, Redmond, and Kirkland and knits together Redmond Town Center, historic Downtown, Grass Lawn neighborhood, and Willows business district. (COR)

Redmond's Senior Park Planner, David Shaw is the narrator in this city video.  He works closely with Carolyn Hope, Manager of Parks and Culture.  Both designed and built the Redmond Bike Park.  David managed the construction, recruiting and directing scores of volunteers. (The Randall family was at the core of the park's development. Councilmember Hank Myers put in a day or two of shoveling.) 

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John Reinke said...

Thanks for the update, Bob. Nice video about progress on the Central Connector, also.