Sunday, May 7, 2017

What's this?

Credit/ Ingunn Markiewicz

What is this?  Bobcat? Owl? "READ MORE" for a closer look

Credit/ Ingunn Markeiwicz
Powerline Trail
Ingunn is an excellent writer and has a fascinating blog about motherhood, running & hiking: 

It's pretty amazing I can walk 20 minutes to this little guy's home; and walk 20 minutes from my home in the opposite direction to urbanized Downtown Redmond.

He/she is a Western Screech-Owl.


John Reinke said...

Excellent photos! This looks rather like a great horned owl, but I don't think a great horned owl would fit into the hollow portion of the tree.

Bob Yoder said...

It's a Western Screetch Owl according to Mike Morehead, a local owl expert