Sunday, May 7, 2017

City plans transition from Old Redmond Schoolhouse

LWTech President, Dr. Amy Morrison Goings
Dr. Mary M. Goings, President of LWIT and OneRedmond
Board member. Dr. Goings received a standing ovation at
the Mayor's "State of the City" breakfast this month.
As part of the Lake Washington School District’s long-term facilities planning, the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center will be remodeled for district preschool programs, which serve special needs and low-income families. The renovated school will include 10-preschool classrooms, a gym, and a commons area. The current lease agreement between the City and the District will end effective June 2018 to allow time for renovations. The City and the District are working together as the use of Old Redmond School House Community Center (ORSCC) changes. During the short-term transition time, recreation programs at ORSCC will be relocated to the Redmond Senior Center, Teen Center, LWSD schools, and potential leased space at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology RedmondCampus (20,000 sq ft.) 

The recommended leased site will not only absorb current programming but will allow for additional program demands such as arts, culture, camps and family programs. Lease costs are estimated at approximately $500,000 per year with additional funds needed (approximately $100,000) for the decommissioning of the Old Redmond Schoolhouse and staff moving costs. Staff recommends these costs be supported through Real Estate Excise Tax collections received in 2016 over forecasted amounts. The temporary solution allows the City to use capital money until a more permanent resolution is agreed upon. Lease terms are in two year increments.

Time Restraints:  Due to the timeframe for registration of programs and renters needs for communicating to their organizations; staff recommends that small modifications be made to the Redmond Senior Center and Teen Center in July 2017 to accommodate varied programming. All programming recommended to relocate to the above two sites is encouraged to move by Fall 2017 for a smooth transition. This will give time to provide marketing support and identify any facility operational issues. The potential leased space (Lake Washington Institute of Technology) is available now, staff recommends to relocate in the late fall of 2017. This will allow for time for decommissioning of ORSCC and the commissioning of LWIT facility for programming, marketing and outreach to the community in preparation for full implementation of programs and services starting in first quarter 2018.

-- May 9th Study Session, Agenda III

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