Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Updated: Historic houses for sale near Anderson Park

At the time of this video, real estate salesman Micheal Moore, informed me these four contiguous properties were for sale.  The houses are on 170th Ave. NE. coined Adair Street by the Redmond Historical Society. They are historic homes circa 1924-1930; a short walk from Anderson Park.  Mr. Moore said there's road access from both the front and back sides.  He quoted a price of $4M at the time. I counted about 4 legacy trees on the parcels.  Mr. Alan Pope who's lived in Redmond pretty much all of his life uses his 1924 craftsman house for an office.  The Chris Gowing family, now living in Idaho, lived and rented out their two cottages.  Tax records document one cottage was, built in 1930, the other 1934; during Mayor "Bill" Brown's time.  The Gowings built a charming "Little Free Library" for their neighbors which still stands. That will probably be torn down too.  We made contact with each other via the library.  (Long story, so "Read More.")   Chris is an active blogger and very kind woman.  

During my investigation I learned most of the new 6-story apartments in the downtown are built "condo ready."  Apparently, though their exteriors and structures are very sturdy, the interiors are not all built to last for the long haul.  Obviously, these historic homes were built to last. Can One Redmond save them?

Hello Bob,

We own the three buildings that are in a row.
And yes, we did live in the cottage that is behind the Little Free Library. We since have moved to Idaho to be near our grandchildren, but still own the properties.

The first time I saw a Little Free Library (LFL), I was visiting our grandchildren in Idaho. When I got back I looked up LFL's and found a whole society!

I knew I wanted one in front of our cottage because of all the foot traffic and because of all the apartment/ condos. 
It's been about three years and I have moved away, yet it still is successfully serving. 

I also blog and here is the post about the LFL;

I wanted you to know that both of our tenants lets us know that they were moving out, one week apart. That was why we decided to sell. Great people!
We are going to try to rent the "houses" out, while we try to sell.

Thanks for the interest. 
And if you want to video the place, go ahead. It will be fun to see.
But I still have my blog, with all my ❤ memories!


Jan, 2017

Yes, you may link my blog to yours!
I'm flattered that you enjoyed the post.
 If you dig around my blog you can see to inside of the cottage. In fact, the subject title on the right, click on "cottage".
My husband and I don't know anything about the history of our builds. We have owned them since the 90's (about 27 yrs.).
The only, somewhat interesting fact is, the first mayor of Redmond, Bud Young, lived next door. The 4 plex- condos are there now. 
We found out he got a $1.00 a year for his service. He'd plow the snowy streets and do other odd jobs.
Oh, by the way, my friend informed me about your post. 

We come back to Redmond often. It would be fun to meet with you.

Peace, Christine

Hi Bob,

I've sent you copies of the Property Profiles, that we received from King Co.
Each cottage was built in the 1930's.
I don't know anything more about who, what or where.

We bought the cottage and warehouse first, in 1990, from Basil Vyzis, the big Real-Estate Developer.  
We bought the cottage, that we lived in from our neighbors, in 2000.

If we find out anymore information, I will pass it on to you.

The video you sent is precious and will look back on it with loving memories. Thank you!
Christine Gowing.  Feb 2017



John Reinke said...

Great video of the homes, Bob. I enjoyed watching it.

YampaRunner said...

That would be a shameful sin if condo developers bought these parcels of land tore down the houses and threw up more condos or apartments. These unique and intrinsically valuable irreplaceable Craftsman style houses should be protected by city code and our city.

Constance said...

What's happening with the old Mayor's Craftsman on 164th, ( Brown Bag) the interiour was so nice.

Constance said...

Those 4 aren't Craftsman.
As the owner of a downtown Redmond house for over 40 years, I should have the right to sell it.
The taxes are staggering to say the least.

Bob Yoder said...

Constance, I'd ask the Redmond Historical Society about the Brown Bag house. The white house on the corner is a craftsman style; the two at the end are cottages; not sure about the other. one.

Constance said...

Your right the Coffin house on the end is a Craftsman. :)