Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bragging rights

Bragging rights from a "Blog'n Bob"


My daughter Lexie graduated from LWSD, K-12, "future ready." According to Lexie, she had lots of very good teachers along the way, but several really stood out for her. She felt lucky to have Mr. Town, a nationally recognized environmental science teacher. Lexie is soft spoken and remembers Mr. Anderson "made" her do a skit, taking her out of her shell.  As a high school student she loved helping Ms. Leonard teach her Horace Mann students. To this day they are good friends.   

I'm proud to say, Lexie graduated from Gonzaga cum laud with a double major in Biology and Environmental Studies and last week graduated from University of Montana with a Master of Science in Environmental Studies.  She was "spotlighted" in UM's annual "Vision" publication (page 23.)

Okay, I'm done with my boasting...for now!!  

But there's more!  Police Chief Kristi Wilson earned a "Masters in Organizational Leadership" from Gonzaga University. And, it's my understanding Rob Odle, Director of Planning and Development has a son who graduated from the Zag engineering department. I've heard Mr. Odle speaks highly of "community" at Gonzaga.

Find Chief Wilson's profile here:


John Reinke said...

Congratulations to Lexie on her graduation, and congrats also to Bob and Pam for having raised such a talented daughter!

Bob Yoder said...

Thanks John!