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Updated & Republished 4/13, 5:30AM Redmond Historical Society "Hero Awards"

History Hero Awards 2006-2014

Over the past five years we have given out 5 History Hero awards to people in the community who are making a contribution to preserving and sharing history in Redmond. Here is a list of this years' and past years' recipients of the award:

2001    Tom Fix. City of Redmond
2001    Dale Potter, Member & volunteer
2001    William "Billy" Dale Tibbits
2006    Rosemarie Ives, then Mayor of Redmond
2007    Charles Payton, then Director of King County's Heritage Division
2008    Dianna Brodie, then City Planner, City of Redmond
2009    Randy and Stephanie Reeves and Paul and Patty Gordon, owners of the Stone House
2010    Brad Best, owner Brad Best Reality
2011    John Couch, Former Redmond Parks Director
2012    Naomi and Jerry Hardy, for Naomi’s tireless work as a Founder, Director, and Historian; Jerry’s support
2012    Richard Morris, Webmaster, 2008 to 2013
2013    Gene and Cheryl Magnuson, volunteers and exhibit designers
2014    Miguel Llanos, co-founder and Newsletter editor for 16 years

We thank all the award winners for helping the Redmond Historical Society's mission of ensuring our History for future generations.

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My Notes & Comments:

Tom Fix played a key role during the installation of the Perrigo Springs historical marker

Rosemarie Ives:  I've had long phone talks with Rosemarie over the years for one reason or the other. It's a bit challenging to put a word in.   Rosemarie probably knows more current city "history"  than any member of the Redmond Historical Society, but I feel she's frustrated because she doesn't seem to have an outlet.  Hopefully, the Society will  someday embrace her and record more of her knowledge and experiences.  A podcast would be nice.  Perhaps the society could fund a biography.

John Couch has moved back to Redmond.  The Redmond Kiwanis are hoping he'll become a member.  He was the city's Director of Parks for 30 years.  He supports Steve Fields for city council.

Naomi Hardy:  Naomi was inspiring! After she passed away in 2012 the city approved construction of the downtown "Naomi Hardy Clock Tower."  Years ago she called and asked me to run for council; she advised I write my blog at the 7th grade level. (That was easy!) She compared me to Ms. Beason.  From what I can remember of our one phone call, she seemed to have a phone manner similar to Rosemarie....excited, informative, passionate and long. 

Richard Morris is my neighbor of over 20 years. I introduced Richard to the society. When hiking along Evans Creek one day we came upon AWR oil trucks polluting the creek. This discovery eventually led to a crackdown by least 5 regulatory agencies.  We celebrated a "youth history event" at Perrigo Springs. I often see him running with his dog in the neighborhood and trails and chatting with the neighbors. 

Cheryl Strong Magnuson is an active RHS volunteer, one of the administrators for their Facebook page and posts nearly every day. (I confuse her with Laura Lee Bennett.) I met her at last year's "Poets in the Park" event next to her RHS display featuring Anderson Park.  Cheryl told me she volunteers almost everyday, "mainly providing programming for seniors including several musical groups and a gardening program."    

When Miguel Llanos was laid-off from MSNBC (a writer) he free-lanced and taught tennis. He now teaches at Overlake School.  Miguel is very engaging, likable, respected by his neighbors and always has a smile.  Naomi references him frequently in her "Redmond Reflections" book though still today he participates in the community as a member of the tourism board and landmark commission.   

The awards are presented each June.  In addition to the list published through 2014, the society has awarded three more in 2015 and 2016 and they'll  be announcing the 2017 recipient in the June newsletter.

Bob Yoder
Updated:  7/28/2017

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