Friday, March 17, 2017

Homelessness in Redmond

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Many of the homeless in Redmond are invisible and the statistics are startling:  

According to a city web page:  

1.  357 homeless kids in the Lake Washington School District are homeless.

2.  There's a 39% increase in homelessness for every $100 increase in rent.

3.  Homeless families wait 6 months on average for housing in King County.  

Bob Yoder
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John Reinke said...

These are very sad statistics, Bob. All the more reason for finding new ways to help resolve this problem.

cloverlief said...

It's a true one though. Many like my family stay invisible. All it takes is a price jump at the same time as a life change to create an eviction judgement. Even if you reinstated 2 days later. The effects last for a few years. I had that happen when I went from a lower paying job to a higher paying job. I don't need financial help as I save. You would never know we were as we wear decent clothes,, have family adventures, have good grades, and have good jobs. Our rent went up 1k in 5 years, 600 of it in the last 2.