Thursday, February 16, 2017

UPDATED, 3/4 Podcast of 13 candidates interviewing for Council Position #4 is enlightening

UPDATE:  10/2/17  Tanika Padyea was appointed to Council.  Ms. Rodriguez  was a runner-up and was appointed to the Planning Commission,  Roy Captain was a runner-up and lost in the Primary to Fields and Schutz, Sherri Nichols interviewed for the open seat but didn't make the finals.

Thirteen candidates were interviewed by City Council for Position #4 last Saturday.  The position was vacated owing to Ms. Kim Allen's retirement on January 31st, 2017.  Council now has to appoint a replacement.  These are screening interviews to pick finalists.  The interviewing took place at City Hall, during a Special Meeting that was open to the public. For objectivity and under City Clerk guidance, the order of interviews and question topics were randomly selected.  President Hank Margeson did a masterful job developing this selection process.

In my opinion, in order of  interviews, Amy Mayes (1:23) Stephanie Rodriguez (1:38)  Tracy Sullivan Prock and A.J. Taylor could be the finalist picks.  The woman candidates are favored owing to a serious gender imbalance.

Ms. Rodriguez is a strong contender and I'm guessing she'll be "the chosen one." Stephanie appeared to get the most interview time. She's smart (Mr. Stilin's requirement.)  She's a Harvard graduate (2001) in history and economics with a law degree from Seattle University. IMO, her only apparent weakness is a dearth of passion for the environment.  She's pro-growth..

Stephanie's a step-mom with two boys that play basketball.  One of her boys graduated from Redmond High.  She was born at Overlake Hospital but spent most of her childhood in the Caribbean.

Her work at Microsoft "blends finance with marketing"and she has a worldly perspective from work in international investor relations. She's "worked on a multi-million dollar budget" at is budget ready. I especially like she considers "conflict" as healthy; perhaps Council would have more deliberation on the Dias.  Her focus is "thinking beyond."  Though long range planning appears her interest and strength this may distract her from attention to the neighborhoods.

It's important to note that with this podcast Mr. Mayor can listen in to all the interviews putting him in a position to advise Council before their final interviews.  I don't see a thing wrong with this since he has to work and get-along with the appointment.  

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