Saturday, January 7, 2017

Updated: LittleFreeLibrary in neighborhood remnant

Pam's behind the succulents planted on this "LittleFreeLibrary."  Ben Franklin beading booklets and Half-Priced books were inside. The library is on downtown's 170th Ave. NE (Adair Street) in front of this rented cottage, a few houses from a 1920's Craftsman.  Three six-story apartment box buildings surround it.  I'm thinking of proposing of a mini-library to the Kiwanis  for children and their families in an affordable housing neighborhood on Avondale.

Bob Yoder
Photo BY


John Reinke said...

The library looks very inviting, Bob. Nice photo, too!

Christine said...

My son and I built this Little Free Library, three years ago. Glad to see it's still being used.
Once you set it up, it self-regulates.