Friday, January 20, 2017

Historical Society Membership Celebration Meeting (part 2)

About 35 members attended this meeting, most of them "old-timers," except for John Stilin, his wife, the Normans, yours truly, and maybe a few others. I put up a list of the old-timers on a different YouTube clip. I've got to say, sadly one of the co-founders, Miguel Llanos, couldn't make it. He's been an incredible volunteer not just for the society but also the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and Landmark Commission.

A few days after the meeting I had coffee with Joe Townsend at SoulFood to discuss Allan L. Pope's Craftsman house on Adair Street. It was built in 1924.  Now, which Mayor would that be?   Unannounced, Joe brought along John Oftebro,  a retired pharmacist and Chairman of the Board at Kelly-Ross.  John's involved with the finances for the RHS; he's incredibly tuned into local history.

Of note, when I asked Joe if he was open to a Tourism Office in the Justice White House he said others were talking about it and he'd probably be okay with it. IMO we really need a Tourism Office or Information Center, preferably at the City's front door.

I was surprised when Joe told me the RHS is a One Redmond member.


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