Friday, January 20, 2017

Downtown mixed-use "apartment box buildings" on 166th

Just the beginning.

On deck:

9-story twin towers at the old post office site -- 7-story apartment box building adjacent to the future Downtown Park -- Beijing / Nelson Legacy 6-story box on Redmond Square -- 7-story boutique hotel at RTC -- 6-story box near the Marymoor Storage Center, east of the urban center on a trail (despite CM Cole's objection.) -- Hampton Inn by Home Depot.

The "Camwest" building abuts the Heron rookerie. See the line of tall evergreens in the distance?   I think it was actually identified as the Heron project.

I can't remember them all, or which others may be lining up.  It's a gold rush.  My guess is CM John Stilin may know best since he's President of the One Redmond Foundation, associated with One Redmond.

I think the Open Kitchen has been at the Redmond United Methodist Church for over two years now.


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