Monday, January 2, 2017

UPDATED 2/2: City to reach out to Faith-based groups

On December 7th, the new Deputy Parks Directer Rachel VanWinkle,addressed the Planning Commission on specifics of the proposed community/recreation center.  Commissioner Phillip Miller wanted to know why the 25-year old Senior Center had $1.5 M in observed deficiencies, indicating he thought the number was high.

Image result for spiritual imagesOf interest, Ms. VanWinckle said the city will be reaching out to "all the faith-based groups" and other groups to build awareness, seek their needs/wants and gain acceptance of the proposed community/recreation center.

Some of Redmond's faith-based groups are:  Hindu Temple (there are 3 Temples within 5 miles of my house.)  Washington Cathedral, Buddhist Temple, Redmond United Methodist, Redmond Assembly of God, Timberlake, Revive, Armenian Apostolic, First Baptist, Egyptian Coptic, Faith Lutheran,  Mormon Stake, Redmond Presbyterian, Muslim Assoc. of Puget Sound (MAPS,) Meadowbrook Baptist, St. Jude Parish, Evangelical Chinese, Overlake Christian, United Pentecostal, Episcopal Church  Holy Cross Redmond.

The city will have their work cut out for them.  Focusing on the Hindu Temples would be a good start.

Bob Yoder


Anonymous said...

Redmond Pool currently hosts a women's Only swim night for the Muslim womens community.

Susan L said...

My daughter is a life guard at Redmond Pool, and Saturday nights they have a womens only swim for the Muslim women who have to keep covered at all times. They cover the windows with sheets and the women swim usually wearing traditional garb