Monday, January 9, 2017

Benefit Concert: Voices from Standing Rock and The Music Resistance at SoulFood this Wednesday.

Image result for Standing Rock imageAmerican Activist Livestreams will be presenting a benefit concert and speakers, this Wednesday night at SoulFood CoffeeHouse and Fair Trade Emporium, 7-10pm, in support of the Occupy Inauguration concert in Washington DC. 

On the SoulFood Coffeehouse stage, stories from the frontlines of Standing Rock and the valuable lessons of collaborative resistance will be shared. Along with these stories, local musicians (Clint McCune)  will be adding their voices to the night in the understanding that it is through these stories, music and community that we will be able to make an impact. 

With the intention of collective impact, we want to send support to those who are taking the fires of their communities to the inauguration in DC to speak truth to those in power.

So bring your prayers, pocket book and revolutionary spirit as we lift the roof with heart and help keep the fires of change burning.

Clint McCunePaul Cheoketen WagnerEvan DukeAngie Spencer and more

In cooperation with:
IIYC Youth Council, Occupy Wall Street, Green party of the United States, Liberty Tree, Code Pink, Socialist Alternative, Climate Revolution, Progressive Independent Party, Move to Amend, Roots Action, Veterans for Peace, Equality Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, United Progressive Coalition, Native Organizers Alliance, Veterans Party of America, Real Progressives, Bernie National Delegate Speaking Panel, Activate Now, Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, Native American Activist and former Vice Presidential candidate Winona LaDuke, Filmmaker and Environmental Activist, Josh Fox, Law Professor and Chairman of Progress For All, Tim Canova, Move to Amend National Spokesperson and Stein/Baraka 2016 campaign manager David Cobb, Standing Rock Camp Coordinator, Lakota Elder and activist Phyllis Young, Chief J.R. American Horse.

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