Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Lake Washington School District is building for success - be prepared to support them.

Kathryn Reith District Communications Director is narrating.  Ms. Reith provides a valuable bridge between the District and our community. She's always happy to hear from you.  

Be prepared to support our District's bonds and levies: 
$398,000,000 Bond measure passed on April 26, 2016.  
$288,000,000 proposed Bond measure in 2018
$278,000,000 proposed Bond measure in 2022 
$207,000,000 proposed Bond measure in 2026. 
EP&O (Educational Program and Operations) Levy in 2018. 
EP&O Levy/Capital Project Levy in 2022.
EP&O Levy/Capital Project Levy on 2026.
Sound Transit 3, a probable $90+ million city aquatics/community center measure, city, county, library taxes and more will all be competing with our schools for your tax dollars.  All the while our property taxes are rising significantly.  Schools are first for me! I just hope my family won't be taxed out of here.  It's very expensive to live in Redmond. 

Bob Yoder

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Bob Yoder said...

The schools are by far my family's budget priority -- but with ST-3 passing and having to fund a city $90m Comm./aquatics center -- I'm not 100% sure I can pay for our school developments. Living in Redmond isn't affordable anymore, at least for me.