Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Redmond H.S. Principal elaborates on school district's protest policy.

Notice:  A  "Community Truancy Board" informational session will be held this Thursday, 11/17, 7-8pm at LWSD HQ.  Please call Chris Robison if you plan to attend. 425-936-1270  If you can't make this session, there may be others.  - Editor

From Principal Todd, RHS via email.

Dear Redmond High School families:
Dr. Pierce sent a message to all district families earlier today (11/14).

We have learned of the possibility that some students may be planning to walk out today (11/14) in protest at 1:30 p.m. I have received questions from some parents.
While Dr. Pierce’s message included information on how our policies apply, I would like to provide additional information here.
• Students are expected to be in class during class time. Students choosing to leave class during class time will accrue an unexcused absence.

• Students can peacefully protest in a manner that does not violate LWSD Human Dignity Policy or Civility Policy in designated areas during lunch time or before or after school.

• Students may not protest in a manner that substantially disrupts the orderly operation of school (i.e. leaving class, encouraging others to leave class, blocking hallways, causing disruption, violating the Human Dignity or Civility Policy).

We are committed to upholding students’ constitutional rights and the district’s civility policy and human dignity policy.

Jane Todd, Principal
Redmond High School

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