Monday, October 24, 2016

UPDATED: The City of Redmond's Vision Statement

The City of Redmond's Vision Statement:  "A community of connected neighborhoods with vibrant urban centers - inspired by nature, powered by innovation, and committed to excellence." 


Creeks, Sammamish River and Lake Sammamish (riparian & in-stream habitat)
Tree canopy, green ridges and hills   
Open space and wetlands (mostly developed except for Hartman, Keller and Evans Creek)
Distant mountains
Fish and Wildlife

A community of connected neighborhoods inspired by Nature:

Woodland,creek,river and powerline trails for hiking, bicycling, equestrian, birding
Green Redmond community forestry stewardship
Community and public works parks (Safeway,Tosh,Grasslawn trail,,Smith wetlands,Ferral-McWirther's Macky Creek, Perrigo forested wetlands)
Green, wooded neighborhoods protected from urbanization
Outdoor recreation (birding, crewing, canoeing, powerline mountain and BMX biking)
Art:  Sammamish River Trail pubic works salmon art, Grasslawn? (minimal)
Culture:  biking, bird watching (heron),tree preservation, Perrigo Springs
Neighborhood views of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades  
Community health: Trail walking, hiking, biking, running, crewing, swimming, meditation

Vibrant urban centers:  Overlake & Downtown.  One Redmond Foundation.

Powered by innovation:  Microsoft and other technology companies. One Redmond

Committed to excellence:  Council, Mayor, Commissioners and other volunteers, schools

Bob Yoder, opinion

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