Saturday, October 22, 2016

Opinion: Advocates for mental health - please vote for McBride, Kuderer, Valderrama, and Bryant.

A few of you may know, I'm advocating for the mentally ill.  Mental health conditions are generational in my family.

Last Thursday, I went to the NAMI Eastside Mental Health Legislative Candidate Forum. (Roger Goodman didn't show.)  Candidate Ramiro Valderrama was upset that 1 in 5 Americans (20%) have a mental condition, yet the State spends only 3% of their budget on mental health. In addition, Washington State ranks 48th in access to community hospital psychiatric beds. Mr. Valderrama called for systemic change. Please vote for Ramiro.

Johnathan Martin, a columnist for the Seattle Times participated in the forum.  He was very sensitive to those telling their story, as were Joan McBride and Patricia Kuderer.  Please vote for Joan McBride and Patty Kuderer.  Recently, Mr. Martin wrote an Opinion, "The Man who stands-up for mentally-ill patients on Western State Hospital's waitlist."  He concluded, "If anyone should go to jail for Western State Hospital's continued dysfunction, it's Gov. Jay Inslee."  Johnathan's Opinion is here:

According 30% of the homeless have a mental health condition.  Below, is a KING 5 story and video on gubernatorial challenger Bill Bryant speaking on homelessness and the mentally ill.  If you've never seen or listened to Bill, this is a good one (if the video works.)

See you at the polls!  :)

Bob Yoder

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