Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Council member Angela Birney reports on Parks and Human Services

Angela Birney
Angela Birney
UPDATED:  Council member Angela Birney chairs the "Parks and Human Services" Standing Committee and gave a report last night at City Hall about her meeting. 

Here's a brief summary of Ms. Birney's report:  

1.  Kent Hay the new city Homeless Outreach Specialist will hold office hours in the Redmond Library on Monday & Tuesday (10-NOON)

2.  The annual city Hope-link food drive at QFC, Bella Bottega will be held on September 17-18.  Food and/or cash may be donated.  Council members (and sometimes the Mayor) usually attend.  (Say hi at the door!)

3.  A teen center exhibit at City Hall starts September 10.  

4.  1,300 park programs were held this summer.  

5.  Summer Park activities:  470 attended day camps, 1,000 permits for park rentals, 43,000 beach-goers at Idlywood Park, 100 summer sports teams with 14,000 participants, 700 attendees at Senior Center summer concerts, 1.700 lunches served for the summer lunch program, 160 attended summer movies at the city hall campus, 300 attended the "Big Truck Day" to see fire and cop vehicles, 7,500 attended So Bazarr, ($12,000 sales/night.), City is looking for life-guards.

The Parks and Human Services committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30PM; Council Conference Room on the first floor.  The public is invited to attend and observe, but not participate.  

Parks and Human Services Committee tasks:  To review, analyze and recommend policies regarding parks facilities and recreational programs; coordination of education programs and facilities; programs and facilities for senior citizens, underprivileged and handicapped persons, minorities and low-income families; and, generally, areas involving the preservation, protection and advancement of human concerns. 

Angela Birney was elected to her first term on the Council in 2016. Prior to that she served as the chair of Redmond’s Parks and Trails Commission. Angela is a Washington native and grew up in Eastern Washington. She moved to Redmond in 1998. Formerly a middle school science teacher, Angela has a Master’s degree in Education from Heritage University and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education from Eastern Washington University. She lives on Education Hill with her husband and daughters. Her hobbies include walking, reading, and travel.

Reported by Bob Yoder

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