Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brightmont Academy School moves to Redmond Town Center

Brightmont Academy, a private school specializing in one-to-one instruction for students in grades 6-12, celebrates its one year anniversary in Redmond Town Center. The one-to-one instruction model enables all aspects of a student's education program to be customized. Brightmont Academy offers a flexible schedule and engaging learning environment. In addition to students who attend Brightmont Academy as their private school and intend to earn a diploma through Brightmont, students may take individual courses to earn credit toward a diploma issued by their local high school, or receive a wide range of support services, including tutoring for grades 3-12, test prep, and career planning advising. 

By moving to Redmond Town Center, Brightmont expanded its facility to offer 17 individual learning rooms designed specifically for one-to-one instruction, a student gathering area, and a lunch room with a full kitchen that provides students with a comfortable space and encourages socializing during break times. In addition, the Redmond campus added a science lab and a new, quiet homework studio area for independent work. “With this additional space, we have had increased availability for students who can benefit from one-to- one instruction,” said Campus Director Sheila Harrison. 

Brightmont Academy was established in 1999, and celebrates its 17 year organization anniversary in addition to celebrating one year in the Redmond Town Center location. Currently there are 3 campuses in Washington State - Seattle Northgate, Redmond, and Sammamish with a 4th planned soon in Woodinville - as well as campuses in Arizona, Michigan, and Minnesota. 

On Thursday, September 15 Brightmont Academy is hosting an all-day open house and anniversary celebration. Please feel free to stop in any time between 9AM and 5PM to meet our experienced staff, enjoy refreshments, and tour the Redmond campus. For more information, please or call 1-888-521-0887.

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