Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SKY PAINTING -- you may have parked on it, but have you seen it?

SKY PAINTING, a site-specific art installation that is now considered the largest painted surface in the state of Washington. The piece also doubles as a parking lot at the corner of Leary Way NE and Bear Creek Parkway.  

"This piece celebrates a grove of trees standing at the entrance to the new parking lot. Ten-foot rings in alternating blue and yellow draw the eyes to the trees. What results is an interactive painting that adds aesthetic appeal to an exciting new Downtown entry and asks us to consider what it is that we are parking over."  SOURCE: City Website  

Is this for real? 

Sky Painting


Bob Yoder said...

I completely understand why people value parking spaces in our fair city. I DON'T understand why the city painted it and calls this art. How many of us have flown a helicopter or small craft over this "art" to actually see and appreciate it? In the least the city should put up a sign at the entrance explaining this thing is an art installation. Is there anyone here who can honestly say they knew this is a "site-specific art installation" as defined by the city? When you've walked on it did you know it was art?

I VERY much value art and hope the city continues to try hard to bring it to us.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what people who live in buildings overlooking it think? Ugh

Anne E said...

I completely agree. I had absolutely no idea about what this actually was all about.
Anne Eizenhoefer - Education Hill, Redmond