Monday, July 4, 2016

UPDATED: Redmond's Downtown "Heron Rookery"

Great Blue Herons no longer nest in the forest remnant of our Downtown.  The City made this clip in 2013 to describe the sterile rookery (a grouping of nests) and encourage the pubic to rename it.

In the early 2000's, the herons migrated from the downtown rookery (across from the Saturday Market) to Issaquah and then to Marymoor Park. City planner Cathryn Beam said they were chased away by "crows and eagles." Some say downtown construction scattered them.

 John Reinke's photos of the active Marymoor Park rookery:

These four Great Blue Heron juveniles in Marymoor Park are almost "fledged"
Credit, John Reinke

Marymoor Park rookery
Credit John Reinke

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The City of Redmond designates the Great Blue Heron as our "Species of Local Importance."
                         Can you find the heron?

Bob Yoder

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