Monday, June 6, 2016

Redmond's Downtown Urban Center resident population is targeted to increase 53% over the next 15 years

Image result for pictures of downtown Redmond, WA growthOne of my Friends differed from me about the size of the resident population in our Downtown. This prompted me to get the facts.  Jason Rogers, a Redmond senior planner kindly gave me the low down:  
The Citywide resident population in 2015 was 59,250.  The citywide growth target in the next 15 years is 78,000 residents; that's a 31% increase. 

The Downtown Urban Center resident population last year was 7409. The growth target for this Urban Center over the next 15 years is 11,350; that's a 53% increase.  

The Overlake Urban Center resident population last year was 2,596.  The city's growth target for this Urban Center over the next 15 years is 10,550 residents; that's a 303% increase..  

Thus,  Redmond is planning to accommodate roughly 2/3 of targeted growth over the next 15 years in the two Urban Centers. According to Mr. Rogers,
 This is in keeping with Growth Management Act, VISION 2040, and Redmond Comprehensive Plan goals to create compact communities where appropriate services can be provided, and to retain Redmond’s community character and high quality of life  The remainder of targeted growth would be accommodated in areas including the North Redmond, Willows/Rose Hill, and Southeast Redmond neighborhoods which still have capacity for additional growth.
No doubt the population of Redmond is growing fast!  Let's just say, the traffic and congestion each year isn't going to get any better. We'll have to live and adapt to this growth for many years to come.   

Below, are the 2015 resident populations for the all of our city neighborhoods. Many thanks to Mr. Rogers for providing the data.  Read More >>

Bear Creek
Education Hill
Grass Lawn
North Redmond
Southeast Redmond
Sammamish Valley
Willows/Rose Hill

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Doreen Blanding said...

And still there is no parking down town. Thankfully Woodinville still believes in free parking and plenty of it.

I would love to shop, eat and play in down town but if I can't park then I can't leave my tax dollars there. Same with visiting doctors and other professions.
And Redmond town center is dying a slow death. When rei goes the only reason to visit is Golden Chopsticks.