Saturday, May 14, 2016

UPDATED: A review of "Bob and Shirley Ferguson's presentation" at this Saturday's Historical Society Speakers Program

My wife and I went to the Redmond Historical Society speakers program today. It's been a long time since we went to one.  The program featured a terrific presentation by Bob and Shirley Ferguson, owners of the Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames store.  The Ferguson's two sons who now run the store were on stage spicing up the talk.  Read More >>

The Fergusons established a Ben Franklin variety store when Redmond had one street light. Over time, they found a niche in crafts and frames.  Through the years, the Fergusons attended specialized craft shows around the country and world seeking out the latest tools and materials for hobbies such as floral arranging, framing, beading and quilting.  Their retailing expertise is nationally known and recognized.  

Shirley and Bob brought their three grandchildren to the meeting. All three are actively involved in the "School Pantry" program that feeds school children to get them through the weekend. Shirley advocates for EvergreenHealth as a Community Advisor Trustee.  Bob is on the EvergreenHealth Foundation Board.  The Ferguson's are.very generous. They gave a $500 check to the Society and $10 gift cards to attendees. 

At the meeting, I caught up with several old friends and acquaintances. Patsy Rosenbach was registering visitors at the door.  Her mother went to high school at the Old Redmond School House.  Patsy went to Lake Washington High School before Redmond High was built. You can read my story about her early life here 

The Society's President, Joe Townsend said they're planning a speaker, September  10, on the history of poultry farms and industry in Redmond. I love the local programs. An historian was hired with grant money to put it together. Joe has put in yeoman's work over the years to advance the Society.  

I listened in on a chat Miguel Llanos (a co-founder of RHS) was having with Mayor Rosemarie Ives Emeritus.  Rosemarie is like a "talking history book" - so full of city knowledge..  Rosemarie is very frustrated by the plans LWSD has for converting the Old Redmond School House into a pre-school. There's a lot of concern the Society meetings will have to find another home. But, where here do you put 145 or so Speaker Program attendees?  

I was lucky to run into Mayor Chris Himes Emeritus. She's fascinating!  She was President of the Society for over six years.  Chris and her husband once owned a horse farm on 10 acres in North Redmond off of 116th. She used to race them at Long Acres. She's a spry 86 year-older and still goes to the tracks. Chris is well known there.

Richard Morris, my neighbor, developed the Society's website.  He was our car ride to the meeting. Richard, Miguel, Joe and I plan to go to the dedication of the "The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower" next Saturday, May 21st at 10:30am.  I'm staying in touch with Miguel on the city's review of the Historic Core.

Bob Yoder 

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