Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The city should build less architectural award-winning community projects to be more in line with the values of Redmond citizens

I agree that Redmond needs a new recreation facility. I come from places with decent rec and community centers and I see the value a proper building brings to the community.  What Redmond has now is not adequate and a new facility needs to be built in the near future. That being said...$70,000,000.00?  Let me just say that again....$70,000,000.00!!! That's a huge sum of money for a rec and community center and clearly the City of Redmond hasn't learned the lessons of LWSD. Redmond citizens don't want to pay for show pieces. We want safe pleasant buildings that are efficiently constructed....not buildings to win architecture awards. What if it was a $50,000,000 rec center? $40,000,000.00? 

Same with the issue of the downtown park. The City of Redmond presented two options: do you want THIS $30M park or THAT $30M park?  Another huge sum of money for a park  will mainly be a showpiece to impress and win awards. What if we instead had a $20,000,000.00 downtown park? Would that be so much less impressive? Would a $20M park be more in line with Redmond values? 

If the City of Redmond got smart and presented options more in line with the values of the citizens of Redmond, then bonds would pass and we'd have enough money for rec centers and parks AND homes for the homeless. The money is there. Its a matter of priorities.  

Marlene Katz

Editor's Note:  the Rec and community center planned includes an aquatic center and new youth center.


Bob Yoder said...

Eric Campbell, LWSD bond committee member, recently said Redmond's City Hall ended up being expensive and large in their competition for architectural awards. .

Emily Johnson said...

I have no idea what such things cost. But I'm confused by the animosity I frequently hear toward "award winning designs". Couldn't a design just as easily win an award for being efficient or cost-conscious? Is this code for something I'm not getting here? Do we pay more to the designer if his/her design is recognized? Or are there specific design awards we need to avoid?
As a consumer, with no specific knowledge, I would have thought award winning designs were better. Can you clarify? Thanks.