Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LETTER: Tent City 4 does not limit human services or job finding resources

     I have been reading your blog, especially about the proposal to change permitting for encampments.  I wanted to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Trey Nuzum, the bookkeeper for Tent City 4, the Eastside encampment for SHARE. It is my understanding the next association meeting for Educational Hill will be April 7th next week, and we will be sending representatives to this meeting.  
      I think your blog is relevant to what is going on in Redmond and the public should be informed.  However, I do feel like SHARE was misrepresented in your March 16th edition (revised 3/30).in that our organizer does not limit human services or job finding resources. Many of our residents are involved in improving their quality of life through the VA, Social Security and other slow moving governmental offices.  Our goal is to make people "less homeless" until they get into proper housing.  Today alone I sent out three resumes for our residents to find jobs or better employment.  Further, this was following a meeting with a gentleman who wants to connect Tent City 4 residents with work in construction where he has a need.
        There will always be those who equate the homeless to the criminals.  However we don't tolerate criminal behavior in our camp.  We also work closely with King County Sheriff's office and currently Sammamish Police Department.  I can provide contacts in the department if you wish to contact them about our behavior in Sammamish.  Although I can't change the mind of Albert Rosenthal as of yet, I would like to make sure you are informed of what Tent City 4 is about.  It would be nice if you could relate some of this to your readers.
        This is very important to us.  We go into some areas under scrutiny, and natural biases about the homeless.  After people get to know us and see us as the people we are, and not a group to be discriminated against, they change their attitudes and see us as a positive group in their community.
        In closing I want to make sure you understand I am hoping to create a bridge here, and I welcome a response and/or questions from you.  What you are doing is important.
     Thank you,
       Trey Nuzum

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