Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce explains District and Police response to recent threats

By Superintendent Traci Pierce

District, police response to recent threats
Over the last week, threatening notes were found in bathrooms in district schools. The threatening notes found at Juanita and Redmond High Schools resulted in the closure of those schools last Friday. Making threats against a school is a serious matter. A letter to Juanita high school staff and parents from Chief Hamilton of the Kirkland Police Department demonstrates the seriousness of these situations and how our police partners are responding. Police have not found any of the threats to be credible.
Threats and behavior that disrupts the orderly operation of a school are included in the district's serious misconduct and discipline code. Individual students who are found to have made make such threats may face serious school discipline and legal consequences. Both Juanita and Redmond High School students and staff will be making up the missed school day later in the year.  
As a community, we can all work together to keep students safe and prevent disruption of schools by talking to students about why this kind of behavior is unacceptable and has serious consequences.

Source:  LWSD "Connections"   

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