Monday, February 29, 2016

Education Hill Neighborhood Association (EdNHA) has busy agenda for Thursday, March 3rd meeting

Education Hill Neighborhood Association (EdHNA) has a busy agenda for this Thursday, March 3. The meeting begins around 6:45PM at the Baptist Church on 166th. Though Paige Norman hasn't formally posted the agenda on the EdNHA Facebook Board the following is scheduled: 

1)  a presentation by Eric Campbell (developer and member of the LWSD bond committee) about school building designs and specific building costs. Two school board members will be present. The Levy Committee engagement organizer will be present.  Q&A.  

2)  Review and potential revision of the association's draft Mission Statement and Values Statement for adaption. (See below)

The proposed statements:
The purpose of the Education Hill Neighborhood Association (EdHNA) is to empower residents by providing a forum to jointly promote and advocate for:
- A high level of civic engagement and participation by its residents on issues that impact the Education Hill neighborhood
- Active, continual and effective communications and conversations between EHDNA residents and community officials
- A positive quality of life within the community to include items related to: diverse and inclusive community building, safety, growth management, and neighborhood improvements

The Education Hill Neighborhood Association (EdHNA) operates using the following values:
- Encourage and enable citizen education and participation via meetings and online discussion opportunities
- Represent all viewpoints, not just the majority, when engaging city and county government officials
- Communicate civilly and politely between members
- Provide a bridge to improve transparency and trust between the community and the city officials
o Improve timeliness, discoverability, and clarity in process and decision making

Bob Yoder

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