Friday, February 5, 2016

City offers new tool to answer our questions about "What is Being Built in your Neighborhood".

Redmond, WA – The City is launching a new interactive project viewer that will help answer the question “What’s being built in your neighborhood?” The new viewer will display information about Capital Improvement Projects, Property Permits, and Land Use Actions around the City. To help you see information relevant to your needs, you can filter the information on the map by neighborhood, type of project and project phase (Design, Construction or Complete). By linking the project viewer to project information on the City’s website and our permitting software, customers can see detailed information on each project at a glance.

The goal of the viewer is to increase awareness of projects in the City and to inform and engage our citizens in development and construction activities. Check out the new interactive project viewer at

For questions and more information contact Steven Fisher, Planning Manager, at or425.556.2432 or Jon Spangler, Engineering Manager, at or 425.556.2823.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually been able to access this City website? I've been trying for two days, with no luck, just the rotating white circle.

Bob Yoder said...


Try emailing

Anonymous said...

Well that was handy. I was able to see that they are planning to include fueling stations at the new Costco (I wasn't sure previously). Has anyone heard any construction updates about it...when will they start building?