Saturday, January 9, 2016

Redmond Elementary wins award, runs a vibrant Lunch Buddy program, and is now constructing a wing of six classrooms

The Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) has named Redmond Elementary one of its “Schools of Distinction.” Redmond El. was among 90 schools statewide in the top 5 percent for improvement on the state’s English / language arts and math index test scores for students.

To be recognized, Redmond Elementary had to show improvement across the past five years, over three grade bands (grades 3, 4, and 5) in both areas: English / language arts and math.

Redmond Elementary serves more than 550 students. This is the third time that Redmond Elementary has received this award. It also was recognized in 2011 and 2012.

I go to Redmond El once a week to mentor a 5th grade student as part of the LINKS Lunch Buddy Program.  My kiddo is a terrific little boy, really values the one on one attention and we have lots of fun playing chess, board games, basketball, wall ball and other recess games.  AnneMarie, the Instructional Assistant  who runs the program is fantastic.   

I'm, amazed how fast this school is growing.  My Lunch Buddy has to use a portable for his classes and the school grounds are presently being torn up with construction to build a wing of 6 new classrooms.  (Special thanks to Paige Norman for clarifying the construction project.)  

Bob Yoder 


Paige Norman said...

The construction in the front of the school will be for the 6 classroom wing that's a permanent structure.

Cost is $6.3 million

Bob Yoder said...