Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The City Council meeting last night was loaded with neighborhood and downtown news.

UPDATED:   Mayor Marchione asked Council to make a decision within 45 days about the poor condition of Hartman Pool and how to implement needed repairs.  Find the full story HERE.

A King County planner reported that a new sewer pipe will have to be installed along parts of the West Lake Sammamish Blvd, the Sammamish River Trail, and through some neighborhoods. This will be terribly disruptive and messy 3 year construction project impacting traffic, the trail, and neighborhood homes!  It will run 4.5 miles with construction beginning in 2018.  Find the full story HERE.

The Couplet Conversion -- Planner Lisa Singer reported on progress with the Redmond Way - Cleveland Street "Couplet Conversion" project.  Construction will begin this May and start with utility improvements and signaling.  Lane re-alignment will begin toward the end of 2017 with completion early 2018. . The conversion project runs from 160th Ave NE to Avondale Way.  Redmond Way will have a center turn lane with parking provided on each side as the city redevelops. Cleveland Street will be two-way with parking on either side.  According to Singer, the purposes of the conversion are to allow easier access for businesses and provide pedestrian safety with shorter crossing distances.  Council member John Stilin suggested the city hold social events downtown as a reason for citizens to go downtown during the construction.

The Downtown Park -- Council member Byron Shutz reported 60% of the design work is completed with construction scheduled for 2017 - 2018.  There is a $1.5 million "delta" of budget vs. costs.

Eastside Woman's Winter Shelter -- Byron Shutz reported the shelter was over capacity during Thanksgiving and clients were turned away. The City of Redmond gave $15,000 (along with Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah) to re-fund the shelter.  Short term housing may be provided.

Ombudsman Report -- Council member David Carson reported on a complaint of homeless loitering around the library.  He contacted the police chief.  Carson reported about a complaint on Facebook regarding the poor 2-day Notice on the Marijuana Public Meeting.  He explained the Administration's problem with getting the Notice out.

Items from the Audience -- Gary Smith, Redmond's Trout Unlimited advocate for Lake Sammamish Kokanee salmon asked Council for $10,000 to help fund a local Trout Unlimited staff position. A citizen complained about Watson Asphalt air pollution.

Bob Yoder

I usually tape the Tuesday night meetings on my DVR (7:30PM, Channel 21), take notes and if I find any worthwhile neighborhood news I often post it here and on Facebook.  I try to keep this as factual as possible but I'm not perfect so I'm sorry if a screw up from time to time. BY


David said...

I have become sceptical of the conversion of Redmond Way to a three lane road. There are too many cars driving Northwest through the city for the new configuration of roads to handle it. The new configuration hopes that some of westbound traffic will use Cleveland street for local access and the looping road around RTC to get to 85th towards Kirkland. However these routes do not help the significant number of drivers wanting to head north on 166th, 164th (HWY 202) and 160th. I believe that a single westbound lane between Avondale and 164th will not be able to handle the existing traffic and will create a severe pinch point. I also fear that more overflow to side streets will make crosswalks on roads like 79th St. even more dangerous.

I would hope that the city planners have done enough studies of their traffic flow for the conversion to be successful, but am very skeptical.

Anonymous said...


Based upon other traffic "improvements" made by the City of Redmond over the past few years, the concerns expressed in your comment above have significant merit.

I would encourage all Redmond residents to express their concerns on this topic to our city council. If you can't make it to a city council meeting, it's easy to email them using council(at)redmond(dot)gov.

Even if we pass the Sound Transit (round)3 (ST3) funding on the upcoming ballot, it will do nothing to alleviate this cross-town traffic problem as described.

Read that last sentence over and over again, especially after ST3 passes and your car license tabs go back up to several hundred dollars per vehicle (based upon vehicle value once again).

Bob Yoder said...

or email: so your comment is sent to Staff, as well.