Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Commentary: It's a good thing to have stand alone ER's in Redmond

Commentary by Johnathan Wilbourne:

I believe the free-standing ER's are in place to provide emergent care to those when time to care is critical, 10 minutes less without proper care in an ambulance can actually mean life or death in some cases.

I would argue that as population increases in such areas, those free-standing ER's create a perfect landing zone to build a medical center around an existing, well-known facility. In addition, the stand-alone ER's create a wise business incentive that can meet the needs of the community and the hospital network. Hospitals are a business. They must make money or at least break even.

They may be costly but nonetheless I would argue that there has been at least 1 life saved by each of these free-standing ER's.. 

How many lives does it take to justify the cost of building the facility?

Note:  This comment was published under a post about a Swedish Hospital stand-alone ER facility.  

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