Monday, November 30, 2015

"It's okay to say Merry Christmas" signs return

I asked my Lebanese-American-Muslim friend about the talk around town of the "It's okay to say Merry Christmas" signs.  His answer:

This is where the " Politically Correct" thinking gets it wrong. We need to spread love , respect, embrace and share other citizens' cultures and holidays because it matters!  It brings us closer to each other's one-nation concept regardless of the diversity.
I can not wait to start greeting people with a " Merry Christmas" greetings. It is just too early for me personally. 
Best Regards, 
Ed Kaddoura
Listen carefully,

Speak thoughtfully,

Act respectfully.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what Mr. Kaddoura is trying to say. It's not clear if he supports the message of the signs or not.

Anonymous said...

I find the signs perpetuate a false narrative that there might be some people trying to prevent others from saying "Merry Christmas." No one is doing so - there is not now, nor has there been, any "war on Christmas." The last thing our community needs is this kind of divisiveness, fomented through lies about such a "war". The only thing that's happening is a steady, completely legal and appropriate, challenge of the long-entrenched, anti-Constitutional Christian privilege in this country.

And I have some issues with where the signs have been placed, such as the one directly in front of Redmond Elementary, on what is surely public property. That dances awfully close to violating the First Amendment by promoting a particular religion on public property. Who is responsible for placing these signs, and are they doing so in full compliance with local ordinance, state laws, and our Constitution?