Thursday, December 4, 2014

LETTER: Package thieves on the prowl in neighborhoods

LETTER:  I thought this would be helpful to share with neighbors.  A couple of neighbors in my neighborhood saw a dark blue van with a FedEx Ground sign taped to the window yesterday.  FedEx was called and said they do not lisence vans. 

It pulled up in driveways and someone many have left the vehickle to explore a box left on a porch...I'm guessing package thieves.  Police were notified.There were tow reports by tow different people in neighboring communities -- Salish and Canterbury Woods. 

Try and get the licnese plate and call 911 if you see a dark blue van with a FedEx sign.  In fact, try and get plate numbers, pictures of autos, etc and anyone with FedEx sign s pasted to the window.  This was around 11:50 AM on Wednesday, December 4th. 

By Jean Avery
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