Monday, October 13, 2014

LWSD faces transportation challenges at Rose Hill MS and LW High

At the October 6th LWSD Board meeting, eight parents and one student made public comments about problems getting students to schools from the Audubon School area.  Five citizens complained about the two hour Metro bus ride for Lake Washington High School.  A high school student complained about the 5-15 minute bus stop waits and a 45 minute wait at the Interlake Transit Center and getting charged for  unexcused absences for being late. 

Three parents complained about overcrowding on the bus to Rose Hill Middle School.  Kids have to sit three in a row with backpacks and musical instruments and one mother complained that when the bus turns some students are jarred off their seats and into the aisle.  One mother complained this was a safety issue and that safety is threatened when students have to wait at the bus stop for another bus because there was lack of room on the first bus.  One mother said their child was late 22 days out of the last 23 days because of lack of space on the first bus and a bus driver shortage. 

Superintendent Traci Pierce directed the parents to talk to staff members Janine Folgard and Forest Miller after the meeting to find solutions.  The Board will follow-up the issue and de-brief at their next public meeting.

Reported by Bob Yoder 

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Anonymous said...

It's not a good excuse for the district to say that it can't find bus drivers so they have to put kids on a Metro bus or pack kids 3 in each seat on the yellow bus. Why not ask the bus drivers how they feel about the school district's bus routes? The school district gives bus drivers long bus routes and very little time to get kids picked up and dropped off. They don't take into account that heavy traffic can make it impossible to be on time. They give drivers routes at two or three schools and the schools are far apart and there is not enough time to finish one route before the next route starts so buses are late. Drivers have to rush and drive like maniacs. When something goes wrong or there is an accident, it's the driver's fault. It's crazy and stressful so drivers quit. The only bus drivers who stay year after year have the short bus routes with long waits between trips.

The parents who spoke at the school board meeting obviously tried to contact the district many times and got nowhere. What the heck is going on here? Hour-long bus rides? Students left by the side of the road? Buses packed so full that kids fall out of their seats? No response from the school district transportation office? It sounds like someone at the district is asleep at the wheel and it's not the bus drivers!

Any parent who has talked to their kid's bus drivers or tried to contact the district over the years about bus transportation knows that there's a problem, but it's now apparent that the problem is out of control and outright dangerous.

Please, please, please - get rid of the transportation director and hire someone who is competent.