Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Education Hill resident reports continued service outage with Frontier

An Education Hill resident reports that he still has no internet service at his home.  He has been without service for more than two weeks now when the lines were severed by a contractor.  His neighbor in a condo unit a few doors down has had internet service for more than a week.  The resident states "Frontier claims that all internet service has been 100% restored in our area, which is not true.  Supposedly a tech will be coming out tomorrow to check things out."

Reported by Bob Yoder


Anonymous said...

We live at the top of Education Hill near the high school and we still don't have service either.

Called Frontier yesterday (Monday, 10/6 @ 4PM) and talked to the service rep for 45 minutes. They implied that we were the only line that was out and that it must be our fault (bad lines, bad router, whatever.)

The Frontier website said that all the lines were repaired. How many other people are still waiting for service?

Anonymous said...

Finally, our internet came back on yesterday afternoon! (I wrote the Oct 7 10:31 AM post.)

Is there anyone else whose service is still out?