Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Redmond Bike Park Now Open

Redmond, WA  The City of Redmond Bike Park is now open for all skill levels of bike enthusiasts to enjoy. Located at Hartman Park; corner of NE 104th St. and 171st Ave NE. The dirt-jump style trails progress from beginner to advance and is designed to help riders develop their skills in a safe environment.
The park covers about 2-acres of forested property and riders can easily spend a few hours riding the various trails that include the following features:
· "Easy A" Beginner Jump Line - 8 table top & 3 roller jumps with an average 4 foot height and several berm turns.
· "Shredmond" Intermediate Jump Line - 9 table top & 1 roller jump with an average 6 foot height.
· "A-Line South" Advanced Line - 5 table top, 1 roller jump, 1 1/4 pipe jump with an average 6 foot height.
· "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Pump Track - 350 feet long, 13 rollers with an average 2.5 foot height and 7 berm turns.
· "Walk it Off" Skills Loop - 200 feet long, 6 log rides and 16 berm turns.
· "Outer Space" Perimeter Loop Trail - pedestrian and bike trail around three sides of the park that bi-passes the jump trails.
A special THANK YOU to all the volunteers that dedicated many of their weekends this summer to help build the bike trails – a 176 in total putting in 1,670 hours! On average, each volunteer committed 7.5 hours of their time – a day's worth of work! And boy did they work! These bike enthusiasts performed hard labor by clearing the trails of vegetation and shaping the soil into large jumps. Using hand tools, rakes, shovels, and tampers to pack the soil; this was a very physical and difficult assignment.
If you're interested in volunteering as a "Trail Steward" to help with ongoing trail maintenance, please sign up at www.redmond.gov/bikepark to register as a volunteer. For additional questions please contact David Shaw, project manager, at 425-556-2378 or dashaw@redmond.gov.
Redmond Bike Park jumper
Redmond Bike Park trail
Redmond Bike Park berm
Redmond Bike Park roller
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