Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black Bear spotted in Redmond Ridge residential community

Redmond Ridge neighbor reports a Black Bear foraging in his back yard, as follows: 

"Yes, the black bear was in my backyard. My house is on Elliston way NE Redmond.  We live in the Redmond ridge east community.  I called 911 too.  My neighbor told me that they have spotted the black bear before in their backyard too.  It was standing near our apple tree for few minutes.  Then, it ran towards the wet land."


Anonymous said...

They called 911!? What did emergency services do?

Steve said...

The bears are frequent visitors to Redmond Ridge. I've never heard of them harming anyone, other than maybe a dog who tried to pick a fight at night. (Bad idea for the dog.) I encountered one on one of the running trails. We both stopped and looked at each other, and then the bear snorted and ran into the forest.