Wednesday, July 2, 2014

City Council approves $4,197,000 for 116th Street NE improvements

City Council grants Santana Excavation $4,197,000 to improve 116th Street NE

This is the second phase of the NE 116th Street corridor improvements to be built by the

City. The first phase lowered NE 116th Street between 167th Avenue NE and 172nd

Avenue NE to improve sight distance, safety and provide for safe emergency vehicle
access for Fire Station No. 17. This phase also set the stage for construction of the full

roadway section and a roundabout at the intersection of 172nd Avenue NE.

The current phase of construction will complete the corridor improvements between 167th

Avenue NE and 174th Avenue NE. Improvements include; two travel lanes, a center turn

lane, bike lanes on both sides, sidewalks, soft trail on the north side, a signalized
pedestrian crossing, street lighting, storm drain system and detention pond, replacement
of the existing water main, landscaping, conversion of overhead utilities to underground,
and a roundabout at the intersection of NE 116th Street and 172nd Avenue NE.

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